Useful Links and Resources

Online resources

Phonics play have now made the site free to use during this period of self isolation simple sign in with the username: march20 and password: home Some free resources to use at home mainly for KS1 (year 1 and year 2)

Some useful advice for parents and also some free resources (across the primary age range) – so much on here for all age groups – resources, power points, even simple colouring sheets ….

probably our fav phonics youtuber – its great not only for kids but will give parents an insight into how reading is taught from a young age and other useful hints and tips

Hamilton are putting together some useful packs to keep the kids busy (across the primary age range) daily activities including web links and worksheets.

interactive educational game and activities (across primary age range)

Worksheets linked to national curriculum (KS1)

Interactive tablet friendly educational games (across primary age range)

Interactive tablet friendly games (across primary age range)

The Body Coach and his kids workouts! Get them moving in a productive way 😊

stay active – with premier education – free activity cards

Get that scheduled in!

Ok so here it goes blog post no.1

Putting together a routine and rules! Kids thrive off routine it’s really important to instil routine into their daily lives.

At a young age children have little or no understanding of actual time so saying five minutes or half an hour to a four year old won’t really benefit them, try using a sand timer or countdown timer try one of these I use them in school with the kids.

It’s also super helpful for the kids to be involved with planning their timetable it gives them a sense of ownership rather than a set of rules that will basically ruin their free time at home!

When making this timetable ensure the kids are working towards an end goal or reward (this can either be daily or at the end of the week). It doesn’t have to be pricey. So maybe they have to earn a star each day and then on Friday if they get all five stars they get a special treat… chicken n chips take away/ or a trip to the local sweet shop/park – or whatever they like (provided we aren’t in lockdown)

You can download our weekly timetable template homeschool timetable template